Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog a Loaf: Sono Bakery's Classic White Bread- a cautionary tale

See this beautiful homemade white bread? This is The SONO Baking Company Cookbook's Classic White Bread Recipe. I made this for Diane's Post a Loaf Day. It has a mild sweet taste and is nice for sandwiches or as toast. While the ingredients are simple (water, yeast, flour, nonfat dry milk, sugar, salt, butter), the techinique is a little bit involved. Make the dough. Let it rise. Punch it down. Let it rise. Fill the loaf pan. Let it rise. Bake it. While I was making this recipe, I was also making Heidi Swanson's cabbage soup and Baked Sweet and Salty Caramel Brownies. (No, I will not add links or give you the whole recipes. Buy the books- it is worth the money for those recipes alone.) I was having trouble paying attention and I forgot the most important step at the end. "Preheat to 500 degrees. Place the loaf on a baking sheet, place the baking sheet in the oven and IMMEDIATELY REDUCE THE OVEN TEMPERTATURE TO 375." Oops.
This blurry picture taken by my kindergartener shows the top of the loaf when you leave it at 500 for the first twenty minutes. Oops. The inside of the bread was great, but the top was a little bit burnt and scary. Oh well. I guess I learned my lesson: Do not bake/cook three different things at once and read all of the instructions thoroughly before jumping into the shower! I look forward to reading everyone else's "Loaf" posts. I wonder if meatloaf or quick breads will be represented. I would bet a lot money that mine is the only burnt loaf in the bunch!